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Want to know the history of Count Dracula? Why Vlad the Impaler was so brutal? Or want to know where the most haunted places in Romania are located?

Why was there a forest of impaled people located in Romania? And how did an entire village in Romania turn into a toxic wasteland? Find out more about these Romania Destinations. They will cure your desire for dark history and spooky things to do in Romania!

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Romania is full of haunted spots and spooky historical places notorious for its creepy vibes and eerie atmospheres. For these reasons, Romania is a haven for lovers of everything supernatural, legendary and folkloristic. Romania has some of the most haunted places in the world. Known for being home to Transylvania, a mysterious place that inspired the creation of monsters such

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“This seems close enough,” I said to Chris, as we got off the bus onto a rural road in Romania. We were searching for Dracula at Bran Castle in Transylvania. I could see the top of what I assumed was Bran Castle, so I thought we must have been close by at that point, right? Always panicking when I travel

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