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New Orleans

New Orleans is one of the best cities in the USA to satisfy all your historical, superstitious and ghost hunting needs. With over 300 years of history, spanning the Great Fire of New Orleans, a yellow fever epidemic, multiple civil wars, and eerie Casket Girls, New Orleans has a seemingly never-ending list of things that make it a hotspot for lovers of all things supernatural.

The city is full of haunted attractions, ghost tours, voodoo museums and urban legends just waiting for you to discover them. With this New Orleans spooky city guide, you’ll dive deep into a world filled with terrifying, haunting and supernatural traditions New Orleans has built its foundation on. This will help you uncover the scariest places to stay, the best spooky attractions, ghastly ghost tours, and spine-chilling cemetery tours.

Spookiest Time to Visit

You’ll find ghost tours, cemetery tours, voodoo tours and all things spooky year-round in New Orleans. So you don’t need to worry about visiting around Halloween to experience the creepy stuff the city has to offer.

Of course, Halloween does bring plenty of fun, scary events in October, designed to lure you in and embrace the extra-ominous tours and Halloween goings-on. However, October brings cooler weather and hurricanes are still a real possibility.

Because of this, I recommend visiting during spring (February-May) when the weather conditions are best.
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Spooky City Guide New Orleans
New Orleans Spooky Destination Guide

Spooky Things to do in New Orleans

LaLaurie Mansion

Home to one of the cruelest women of New Orleans, LaLaurie Mansion is haunted by ghosts of former slaves that Madame LaLaurie tortured during her residence in the mansion. Since it’s privately owned, you can’t enter the mansion, but it’s worth a visit to see the spooky outside.

The Mortuary Haunted House

Located in a mansion that was a genuine mortuary for 80 years, the Mortuary Haunted House features a terrifying self-guided tour that will send shivers down your spine. During the experience, you fight your way out of a themed escape room, with everything from zombies to poltergeists and serial killers trying to attack you. It’s a fun adventure that keeps you on your feet and out the heat.
Website: The Mortuary Haunted House

New Orleans Pharmacy Museum

Step back in time to when the medical community used leeches for bloodletting and voodoo potions to help one fall in love. The New Orleans Pharmacy Museum showcases apothecary jars filled with original tinctures and former surgical instruments used by the medical community of the past.
Website: New Orleans Pharmacy Museum

Bloody Mary’s Haunted Museum

Take a guided tour with a real-life Voodoo priestess known as Bloody Mary in a 200-year-old real-life haunted house. You’ll visit a séance parlor, a psychic center and learn how to hunt ghosts!
Website: Bloody Mary's Haunted Museum

New Orleans Historic Voodoo Museum

A museum dedicated to the history of voodoo in New Orleans. Visit the museum to see shrines and relics, including voodoo dolls offering a taste of past and current voodoo traditions still alive in New Orleans.
Website: New Orleans Historic Voodoo Museum

Beauregard-Keyes House

With 200 years of history, the Beauregard-Keyes house has seen its fair share of owners, from the Confederate General to the Italian mob. The apparitions spotted inside the house are associated with the civil war and ghosts of Confederate soldiers can be spotted and heard, usually accompanied by a nasty smell throughout the house.
Website: Beauregard-Keyes House

Top 4 Spooky New Orleans Cemeteries

St. Louis Cemetery No. 1

Home to the tomb of Voodoo queen Marie Laveau and the white pyramid tomb of Nicolas Cage, St. Louis Cemetery No. 1 is a popular historical cemetery on the edge of the French Quarter. Access to this cemetery is only possible on a tour.
Book here: St. Louis Cemetery No.1 Tour

Lafayette Cemetery No. 1

Located in the Garden District, Lafayette Cemetery is known for its immense beauty, surrounded by magnolia trees with flower-lined pathways leading past tombs and mausoleums. Most of the people who were buried at Lafayette died as a result of yellow fever which swept through Louisiana in the 1800s.
Book here: Lafayette Cemetery No. 1 & Garden District Walking Tour

St. Patrick’s Cemetery

Known as New Orleans’ most haunted cemetery, St. Patrick’s is mostly home to Irish immigrants who settled in New Orleans. It’s rumored that the ghost of a woman stalks visitors as they walk through the cemetery.

St. Roch Cemetery

In a sea of black and white tombstones, the ghosts of St. Roch are said to roam throughout the cemetery, passing through mausoleum walls. Witnesses report seeing the unnerving ghosts of a cloaked figure, as well as the ghost of a dog. St. Roch is the patron saint of healing, the cemetery also has a small chapel with random, creepy things on the walls, including prosthetics, casts, and dolls.

Haunted Hotels in New Orleans

New Orleans is famous for its haunted hotels and there are boundless creepy, spooky ghost stories surrounding different locations in the city. Here are the best New Orleans haunted hotels to stay in.

The Haunted Hotel at 623 Ursulines

Known as the official haunted hotel in New Orleans, the Haunted Hotel at 623 Ursulines is one of the oldest hotels with a gruesome history brimming with murder. Ghost sightings are reported daily, so be sure to bring your ghost hunting equipment with you. Get ready for a sleepless night, because you’ll probably find yourself too scared to sleep. You have been warned!
Book here: The Haunted Hotel at 623 Ursulines

The Hotel Monteleone

A luxury hotel with specters, the Hotel Monteleone has several resident ghosts throughout the building, but most of the surreal activity occurs in the lobby. The magnificent grandfather clock is said to be haunted by a ghostly clockmaker who can be seen practicing his craft in the middle of the night.
Book here: The Hotel Monteleone

Bourbon Orleans Hotel

Once operating as a convent, the Bourbon Orleans Hotel now has several ghosts who roam the halls, eager to make themselves known to guests. From the vampires in New Orleans (famously known as the Casket Girls) to mischievous children, you never know who you’ll see when you stay at the Bourbon Orleans Hotel.
Book here: Bourbon Orleans Hotel

Andrew Jackson Hotel

This hotel is haunted by young boys rumored to have died in a fire in the early 1900s. Guests have noticed taps turning themselves on in bathrooms, TVs randomly changing to children’s shows and spooky pictures appearing on their cameras as they slept.
Book here: Andrew Jackson Hotel

Lafitte Guest House

Formerly a hospital, Lafitte Guest House is now the site of several dreadful tragedies, including the story of several children who died from yellow fever. This is yet another hotel rumored to be haunted by children.
Book here: Lafitte Guest House

Dauphine Orleans Hotel

Here patrons have been known to hear footsteps and disembodied voices. This is also the hotel that the “Spooky Boys” from Buzzfeed Unsolved stayed in. Check out their video here: The Haunted Quarters Of The Dauphine Orleans Hotel
Book here: Dauphine Orleans Hotel


Haunted Bars in New Orleans

Lafitte’s Blacksmith Shop Bar

Formerly a Blacksmith shop, this pub is thought to be haunted by French Pirate Jean Lafitte. He’s often seen standing in dark corners glaring at patrons.
Website: Lafitte's Blacksmith Shop Bar

The Old Absinthe House

Once a place people could drink illegal absinthe and get all kinds of hard drugs, this pub has witnessed many ghostly apparitions believed to move chairs, open doors and whisper in the ears of guests.
Website: The Old Absinthe House

Pat O’Briens

One of the best bars in town to get a delicious hurricane cocktail, Pat O’Briens also has some ghostly residents. Bar employees have reported hearing footsteps and feeling random cold spots in certain areas of the pub. The women’s bathroom is also said to be haunted by a former restroom attendant. I don’t know about you, but bathroom ghosts scare me the most!
Website: Pat O'Briens

The Dungeon

If you’ve ever wanted to come into contact with a ghostly vampire, this is the bar to visit! Even if you don’t spot a ghost, the bar is still pretty cool. There’s a real coffin hanging from the ceiling and the bathrooms are hidden behind bookcases. Can vampires even become ghosts? Visit this pub and find out.

Haunted Restaurants and Spooky New Orleans Food

Séance Lounge in Muriel’s Jackson Square

Ever wanted to have dinner with ghosts? At Muriel’s Jackson Square you can! The original building burned down during the Great Fire of New Orleans and the second floor of the restaurant experiences a lot of paranormal activity. Be sure to enjoy authentic Creole food with resident ghost Jourdan while you’re there.
Website: Muriel's Jackson Square

The Court of Two Sisters

Guests to this restaurant, which also serves Creole cuisine, is regularly charmed by ghosts of two sisters who once owned the restaurant. They often come by to see how well their former store is doing, leaving feelings of happiness in their wake.
Website: The Court of Two Sisters

Chartres House Café

This café is known for its authentic Cajun food, as well as the ghostly spirit of a man looking out a second-floor window. Patrons who rent out the second floor have reported feeling dark energy throughout. (Not vegetarian-friendly.)
Website: Chartres House Cafe

Café Du Monde

Not really a spooky place to eat, but it serves up the ever-popular beignet — a deep-fried pillow of magic (really, it’s just deep-fried dough) blanketed by a generous dusting of powdered sugar. The only thing spooky about these New Orleans treats is that you’ll get powdered sugar everywhere and look like a ghost yourself!
Website: Cafe Du Monde

Spooky Places to Shop in New Orleans

Marie Laveau House of Voodoo

Dedicated to the Voodoo queen herself. Stop here for some authentic voodoo dolls and other souvenirs related to Marie Laveau.
Website: Marie Laveau's House of Voodoo

HEX: Old World Witchery

The best shop for all your witch and warlock needs. You can find everything to help beginner witches or seasoned practitioners here.
Website: HEX: Old World Witchery

Erzulie’s Authentic Voodoo Shop

The official place to learn how to cast voodoo spells, create voodoo dolls and help with all things related to voodoo.
Website: Erzulie's Authentic Voodoo Shop

Boutique du Vampyre

The only vampire shop in the French Quarter. You’ll find everything related to vampires here, including fangs!
Website: Boutique Du Vampyre

Voodoo Authentica

A shop that’s home to altars where people can pray and leave gifts for spirits. You can also buy voodoo dolls, oils, and voodoo-related potions to help you practice the Voodoo religion.
Website: Voodoo Authentica

Spooky Tips

Take a guided tour

The guides are trained and very knowledgeable about both real New Orleans history and local folklore.

St. Louis Cemetery No 1 is accessible by tour only – book a tour before visiting so you don’t miss out.

Be sure to walk around the French Quarter

There are several tour companies handing out information about new ghost tours, voodoo tours, and supernatural tours.

Book your tours early

Tours often fill up quickly and sell out. Be sure to book early to avoid disappointment.

Bring along some ghost hunting equipment

Explore your hotel room after dark and see if you can reach out to any spirits spending the night with you.

Ghost Hunting Equipment

Want to add some fun into your evening? If you are staying at one of New Orleans many haunted hotels be sure to bring along some paranormal hunting equipment! See if you can connect with any of the spirits that you are sharing your hotel room with.