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Are you looking for Norway Destinations that will make your dark history heart sing? Look no further! The Scandinavian country is rich in history dating back to Vikings, stave churches and leprosy.

Why did the black metal community in Norway decide to burn down one of the oldest churches in Norway? Be sure to check out all posts related to Norwegian Destinations below to find out more!

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Fantoft Stave Church was originally built in 1150 in the village of Fortun in western Norway. It was celebrating its 842nd year when it met its doom and was devastated into little more than a pile of ash. This was after the church had already survived the threat of demolition and was ultimately saved by being moved piece-by-piece to Fana,

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In the late 19th century, Bergen in Norway had the highest concentration of lepers in all of Europe. To deal with the problem, the city constructed three separate houses for the diseased, where they could be cared for by doctors and researchers studying the epidemic in an effort to discover its cause. Now known as Hansen’s Disease, today leprosy is

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