Woman with brown hair in a braid with glasses on the right side of the photo standing in front of green lined cliffs with white rocks looking out to sea at White Cliffs of DoverHello Friends!

I’m Crystal, and I love to travel, history, and experiencing different cultures. I am really interested in all things creepy, frightening, and a little bit mysterious, along with travel. I consider myself a dark tourist and gravitate towards the more macabre side of the world.

I got my first taste of travelling when I visited a friend in England when I was 16 years old. I was immediately hooked on travel and began planning my future as a full-time European backpacker. However, I wasn’t fully interested in just being a tourist. I always wanted to experience travelling to each country like a local.

I moved to Edinburgh, Scotland and finally got to experience living abroad. I worked at the tourist attraction RZSS Edinburgh Zoo, which allowed me to meet locals, learn Scotland’s culture, and eat lunch next to the penguins or the chimps regularly!

I had amazing opportunities, met many wonderful people, and highly supported anyone who has a chance to live abroad. It is an incredible and life-changing experience, and I believe all should experience it.

I also have a second site about falling in love with Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

Dark Tourism

The term “Dark Tourism” was created in Scotland in the 1990s by Glasgow Caledonian professor John Lennon. Dark Tourism is the concept of travelling to places historically associated with death and tragedy. Dark tourists, such as myself, are drawn to such places for historical and educational value – rather than from a place for the exploitation of death and suffering. Dark Tourism involves visiting locations such as the Glasgow Necropolis or exploring some of Edinburgh’s Spookiest Locations.

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What can you expect from Wandering Crystal?

This blog is for those who want to be inspired to move to another country, chase their dreams and experience the life they have always wanted to live!

This blog is for those who enjoy unique, unusual, weird tourist destinations like visiting a Star Trek Themed Town or taking a road trip to see Giant Roadside Attractions.