Everything is Spooky in the Dark

If you love dark history from around the world and spooky stories filled with ghosts and the supernatural, you will love Everything is Spooky in the Dark. Listen as Wandering Crystal takes you on terrifying, macabre and gruesome tales in this podcast.

From real-life stories, like the Salem Witch Trials’ history to the lore of the Vampires in New Orleans – if you love spooky stories, you will love the Everything is Spooky in the Dark Podcast!

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Podcast Episodes

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The Dark History of Edinburgh’s White Hart Inn

Serial killers? Hanging Gallows? Ghosts that love to torment guests? Edinburgh’s White Hart Inn has it all. 

The Dark History of the Tolbooth Tavern

Warlocks, exorcisms and ghosts. The Tolbooth Tavern is shrouded in dark history. Enjoy this month’s podcast all about Edinburgh’s haunted pub, the Tolbooth Tavern.

The Watcher – The Ghost That Haunts Edinburgh’s Underground Vaults

Deep below Edinburgh’s city streets sit the haunted Blair Street Vaults. The vaults are filled with multiple ghosts, but there is one sinister spirit that makes his presence known.

Chilling La Llorona Sightings

The Chilling Stories of La Llorona Sightings – The True Encounters of Margaret’s Family.

The Dark History of Half Hangit Maggie

Half Hangit Maggie was hanged to death in 1724, and on the way to her burial, she woke up. In this month’s episode of Everything is Spooky in the Dark, learn the story about Maggie Dickson – the woman who survived being hanged.

Seath Mor The Doomed Spirit That Haunts the Scottish Highlands

Would you touch the grave of Seath Mor? This video takes you to Rothiemurchus Forest in Scotland. The haunted grave of Seath Mor – The Great Shaw – will challenge you, and your response will determine your fate.

Edinburgh Castle Ghosts – Is Edinburgh Castle Haunted?

Edinburgh is one of the most haunted cities in the world. With so much dark history, there must be at least a few ghost stories, right? Edinburgh Castle is one of the best paranormal hot spots in Edinburgh. 

The World’s Most Haunted Forest – Hoia Baciu

The Hoia Baciu Forest in Romania is said to be the world’s most haunted forest. They say some people enter and are never seen again. Would you step foot in the world’s most haunted forest? 

The Haunted of Savannah with Enocha Edenfield

Savannah Georgia is one of the most haunted cities in the United States. Enter into the spooky world of tour guide and collector of ghost stories Enocha Edenfield.

History, Cemeteries and Spooky Tales with Rosie Grant

In this podcast, we speak to Rosie Grant about cemetery history, facts, graveyard dad jokes and all things spooky!

 Who Haunts the Lizzie Borden House?

Who haunts the Lizzie Borden House? After the brutal double murder that took place in 1892, the ghosts that linger in the house might not be who you would suspect.

The Haunted Bourbon Orleans Hotel

New Orleans is full of spooky places and haunted locations. Join me as we chat with Travis, a New Orleans local who worked at the very haunted Bourbon Orleans hotel.

The Vampires of New Orleans

New Orleans is a city full of a dark history. From the vampire lore of the Casket Girls to the grim history of the Carter Brothers. Learn the history of the Vampires of New Orleans.

The Wizard of West Bow

The ghost of Thomas Weir still haunts the streets of Edinburgh, Scotland. Why was a respected religious Major executed for serious crimes? What was the truth behind Edinburgh’s Wizard of West Bow – Thomas Weir. 

Was Charles Lechmere Jack the Ripper?

Was Charles Lechmere/Charles Cross more than an innocent bystander in the infamous Jack the Ripper murders? Or was he one of the most suspicious men in the case? Was Charles Lechmere Jack the Ripper? Let’s go over the details.

The Gruesome History of Jack the Ripper

Jack the Ripper is the world’s most infamous serial killer. Wreaking havoc in the Whitechapel District in London in 1888, the murderer has left his mark in dark history forever.

Elizabeth Bathory – The Blood Countess

History tells us about a cruel woman nicknamed The Blood Countess. She would drink and bathe in the blood of innocent young girls to steal their youth. Was Elizabeth Báthory truly as evil as we thought? Maybe not. Find out the secrets and truths behind the life of the world’s most prolific female serial killer.

The Thomas Bradford Experiment

Spiritualists contact the dead through seances and rituals, but how can we prove it to the world? One Spiritualist made the ultimate sacrifice to show that the living can connect with the deceased. 

The Haunted House on the Hill

On this Halloween special episode of Everything is Spooky in the Dark, Crystal spends a weekend in a haunted little house in New England.

Witches in England

The witch trials in England were brutal – with an entire family being executed during the Pendle Witch Trials to the horror caused by the Witchfinder General. Listen to the history of witches in England.

Ghost Stories with Providence Ghost Tour

Listen to some of the spooky ghost stories from Providence Ghost Tour’s Courtney. To her experiences living in a haunted house to spooky stories from her ghost tour in Providence RI.

Learn more about Providence Ghost Tour here: https://providenceghosttour.com/

People Being Buried Alive

What if you woke up, surrounded by darkness, enclosed in a coffin? The air is being consumed at a rapid rate, being stolen by your frantic screams. You will suffocate before anyone could find you. It’s scary how often people were buried alive throughout history.

Eyam – England’s Plague Village

In 1665 the plague made its way to Eyam. The entire village entered into a death pact in order to spare others of the same fate.

Burke & Hare – Scotland’s Grave Robbing Serial Killers

Crystal and her Scottish friend Chris discuss the history of Edinburgh’s most prolific serial killers Burke and Hare. Were they really grave robbers? Or just greedy killers with too much time on their hands?

Green Witches, Folklore and Flower Rituals  with Katherine Kear

We have talked about the hysteria behind the witch trials in Scotland, but what about the practice of witches such as the Green Witch or White Witch? Today we speak with Folklorist Katherine Kear all about Green Witches, Folklore and Flower Rituals and Worship.

Why Do People Believe in Ghosts?

Today I talk about the science behind why people believe in ghosts. On the Wandering Crystal blog, I talk a lot about spooky and haunted locations and where to find them. I finish the podcast with a personal ghost story – be sure to take a shot every time I say the word “fun!”

The Above Ground Oven Crypts in New Orleans

Have you ever wondered why New Orleans cemeteries are above ground? What happens to those bodies in the hot New Orleans summers? Why are they called oven crypts? I answer these questions and more in this week’s episode of Everything is Spooky in the Dark.

Ghost Stories From Around the World

Listen to three ghost stories from around the world. These ghost stories are tied to real history and real places in St Andrews Scotland and New Orleans Louisiana and Salem Massachusetts.

The Real Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde – Deacon William Brodie

Did you know that Robert Louis Stevenson’s book Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde was based on a real person? His name is Deacon William Brodie and his double life was insane. 

Spending the Night in the Edinburgh Vaults

If you love ghost stories and tales of the paranormal you will love this episode of the Everything is Spooky in the Dark podcast. Would you spend a night trapped inside the Edinburgh Vaults?

The Tragic Life of Bridget Bishop – Salem Witch Trials History

Bridget Bishop was the first person who was executed as a witch in Salem. Now her ghost is suspected to be haunting the city of Salem Massachusetts. Listen now to her life during the mass hysteria that consumed Salem Massachusetts in 1692. 

The Crushing of Giles Corey

Have you heard about the history of the mass hysteria that consumed Salem Massachusetts in 1692? The Salem Witch Trials were brutal to the suspected witches, but one man suffered immense torture at the hands of the court. Listen now to the life and death of Giles Corey.

Krampus – The Christmas Devil

There is a scary beast that lingers around Christmas time. Punishing naughty children in the scariest way possible. Learn about the folklore of Krampus – also called the Christmas Devil.

The Coffin Dolls of Edinburgh, Scotland

Hidden within the hills of Edinburgh lies a mystery. Tiny coffins filled with tiny wooden people. Could they be tied to the infamous killing duo Burke and Hare? 

Edinburgh’s Plague Infested Mary King’s Close

Travel deep beneath the Royal Mile in Edinburgh, back in time to the 17th century when the plague was running rampant across Scotland. Hear about the plague victims and what really happened to them inside Mary King’s Close.

The Casket Girls of New Orleans

Everything is Spooky in the Dark brings you the story about how vampires came to New Orleans. Listen now to Crystal from wanderingcrystal.com tell you the folklore and real history about the Casket Girls of New Orleans. 

Witches in Scotland

The witch history in Scotland during the Great Scottish Witch Hunt. The witch torture in Scotland was brutal – listen to the history of Scottish Witchcraft and be sure to read the post to find out which sites you can visit in Scotland that is associated with Scottish witch history.

Nicolas Cage and his Dark Connections with New Orleans

Nicolas Cage and New Orleans are connected in strange and unusual ways. One day he decided to purchase a haunted house in the “big easy” and what happened to him is peculiar.