The 7 Best Dublin Ghost Tours

Dublin is one of the most haunted cities in the world, with loads of dark history, including body snatching, run-ins with the old Hellfire Club and the history of witches in Ireland.

So, if you are ready to experience Dublin’s darkest history and most terrifying ghost stories, check out one of the best Dublin Ghost Tours listed below.

If you love ghost tours but want more mythology, folklore and dark history, I have included three unusual and unique tours at the bottom of this post.

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7 Dublin Ghost Tours That’ll Give You Nightmares

1. Dark Dublin Guided Walking Tour

If you want to experience Dublin’s dark and creepy side, the Dark Dublin Guided Walking Tour is for you. Listen to tales of Dublin’s most gruesome history, including who was eating young children, Priest Hunters and grave robbing.

The tour starts at Dublin Castle, where you will discover why the upper courtyard is called the Devil’s Half Acre. Next, the tour takes you to Hell – alright, a place in Dublin once known as Hell. You will hear stories about witches in Ireland and the old Hellfire Club here.

The Dark Dublin Guided Walking Tour passes by areas including the 40 Steps, Saint Patrick’s Cathedral, and Smithfield Square. The tour is full of interesting facts and stories and is a great way to experience the darker side of Dublin.

The tour guides are full of energy and humour and will ensure everyone can hear the stories no matter how large the group is. Book the Dark Dublin Guided Walking Tour to take one of the best Dublin ghost tours.

Book here: Dark Dublin Guided Walking Tour

2. The Dublin GhostBus Tour

Hop aboard a ghoulish and spooky bus and take a tour bus to Dublin’s most sinister locations. Your tour guide? A creepy actor who makes the evening dramatic, comedic and highly entertaining.

The Dublin Ghostbus Tour takes you to Dublin’s most haunted spots, including the Royal College of Surgeons, once home to an unethical doctor. The tales you will hear about his life will send shivers down your spine. 

The tour is one of my favourites and one of the best ghost tours in Dublin. The Tour guides are entertaining while providing the darkest history that Dublin has to offer.

You will spend the evening listening to the spookiest stories and learn about Dublin’s connection to Dracula author Bram Stoker.

Book here: The Dublin GhostBus Tour

3. Dublin Gravedigger Ghost Tour

If you are looking for the best ghost tour in Dublin that is cheesy, over the top and loads of fun for everyone – the Dublin Gravedigger Ghost Tour is the tour for you.

Enjoy the comfort of a bus as it takes you back to Dublin’s most haunted and spooky locations. One primary focus of this tour is the history of the plague that took over Dublin 600 years ago. Other mysterious areas include the Kilmainham Gaol and Bully’s Acre.

If you love energetic and interactive guides that will have you laughing and get you involved, you will love this tour.

What makes the Gravedigger Ghost Tour one of the best Dublin ghost tours? First, the tour includes a free drink at the Gravediggers Pub! Then, if that isn’t enough, it includes a free pass for the haunted history walking tour in Dublin. It doesn’t get much better than that!

Book here: Dublin Gravedigger Ghost Tour

4. Hidden Dublin: Northside Ghost Walk Tour

With over 1000 years of history, it is easy to see why Dublin has tons of dark history and paranormal stories tied to the Irish city. Explore Dublin’s darker side by going on one of the best ghost tours in Dublin with Hidden Dublin’s Northside Ghost Walk Tour.

The ghost tour ventures around one of Dublin’s most haunted districts, the Northside. You will explore sites with ghost sightings, like the former Viking enclave, St. Mary’s Abbey and the former haunted houses of Hendrick Street. 

Unfortunately, the houses were demolished in the 1960s, but the tales of the ghosts that may still linger will haunt you for the rest of the night.

The Northside Ghost Walk tour is perfect for history fans and lovers of the paranormal. The tour guides are knowledgeable and passionate about the local lore surrounding the incredibly haunted Dublin.

Hidden Dublin Tours also has a Hidden Dublin: Haunted History Walking Tour if you want to go on a ghost tour in the other areas of the city rather than the Northside.

Book here: Hidden Dublin: Northside Ghost Walk Tour

5. The Dublin True Crime Tour

The Dublin True Crime Tour explores dark stories throughout Dublin’s history. This tour has everything from robbery to kidnapping and body snatchers to crime at the Dublin Zoo.

This tour takes you to all the hot spots in Dublin while telling you the tales of recent and old true crimes that happened right where you are standing.

The Tour guides are informative, incredible and professional storytellers. Whether you are a tourist visiting for the weekend or a local who has lived in Dublin your entire life – the Dublin True Crime Tour will change how you think of the city.

I highly recommend this tour if you are looking for a unique tour that will fill you with weird facts about Dublin’s crime-filled past.

Book here: The Dublin True Crime Tour

6. Ghostbus Kids Tour

Do your kids love to be scared? Do they love spending the day filling up on the spookiest ghost stories? The Ghostbus Kids Tour is the perfect tour for the whole family.

The tour guide will keep your children entertained the entire tour, leaving them with a spooky, fun time they will talk about for days.

The tour covers the terrifying tales of some of Dublin’s historical figures and includes interactive games that will have your kids roaring with laughter while learning about Dublin’s history.

Book here: Ghostbus Kids Tour

7. Legends, Ghosts and Ghouls Walking Tour Dublin 

Are you looking to go on one of the best Dublin ghost tours ever? The Legends, Ghosts, and Ghouls Walking Tour in Dublin explores the city’s spookiest myths and legends from Dublin’s history.

The tour visits some of Dublin’s most haunted buildings, where you will hear the terrifying stories behind each location. Haunted tales include unexplained paranormal activity at the Shelbourne Hotel, Grave Robbers, a demon pig and a Zombie experimenter!

The Legends, Ghosts, and Ghouls Walking Tour is a great way to see the city with a cool guide that fills you with weird and spooky facts about Dublin.

Book here: Legends, Ghosts and Ghouls Walking Tour Dublin

Mythology & Folklore Tours in Dublin

I have listed a few mythology tours for people who want to learn about folklore and history in Dublin. One tour includes a hike where you can see ancient tombs. One is an entry ticket to Wicklow Historic Gaol, and the final is a mythological and folk tour of Dublin. 

8. Mythology & Folklore Tour

Are you looking for a folklore tour in Dublin? Look no further than the Mythology & Folklore Tour, where you will walk around Dublin learning about Dublin’s forgotten history.

Visit the Temple Bar, Grattan Bridge and St Michan’s Church, which has loads of history about Dublin’s dark secrets, including bodies within the crypt below the church.

The tour also includes Newgate Prison and the Green Street Courthouse, and you will learn all about the mythology at the GPC Museum.

The tour guides know Dublin and Ireland’s mythology and folklore and how they are tied into Ireland’s history. Plus, they are entertaining and great guides, making the tour even more enjoyable.

Book here: Mythology & Folklore Tour

9. Trek the Tombs and Trails in the Dublin Mountains

Do you love the dark history that surrounds Dublin but want something a little different? Trek the Tombs and Trails in the Dublin Mountains and walk through enchanting forests and mountains as you listen to Irish myths and stories about Irish history and culture.

On the tour, you will visit two megalithic tombs and learn their mythical and dark history. Other stops include an ancient burial wedge tomb, cairn tomb and triangulation pillar. In addition, you will see a second burial tomb as well as an ancient stone circle.

It’s a fun hike, and you learn about Irish history. The tour guides provide fantastic storytelling with great views of Dublin from the mountains. The tour offers a refreshing walk just outside Dublin’s busy city centre.

Book here: Trek the Tombs and Trails in the Dublin Mountains

10. Wicklow Historic Gaol: 1-Hour Tour

Take a trip to the Wicklow Historic Gaol for a one-hour tour around the museum. See what prison life was like back in the 18th century in Dublin.

When you start the tour, you will be greeted by a fellow jailer as you step back in time and walk through the gates of hell to enter the gaol.

On the tour, you will learn about the jail’s dark history and the crimes people committed to getting inside. Plus, you will learn about the horrible conditions they endured during their time locked up.

Not only is the museum full of Irish history, but paranormal stories have popped up throughout the year, giving it an extra spooky vibe.

 Just note that this is less of a guided tour and more of a “read as you wander” through the prison yourself.

Book here: Wicklow Historic Gaol: 1-Hour Tour

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