8 Haunted Hotels in Savannah for Ghost Lovers

Savannah is one of the most haunted cities in the US, and it has no shortage of haunted cemeteries, buildings, and hotels that you can stay the night at.

Who doesn’t want to spend the night sleeping with the spirits that haunt Savannah’s historic streets? I know I do! Worry not. You will still get an incredible night’s sleep at the following hotels and inns around Savannah.

So, if you want to spend a night at one of the haunted hotels in Savannah and reach out to the resident ghosts, check out the list of Savannah’s most haunted hotels.

Fountain in Savannah at night. Spend the night in one of the haunted hotels in Savannah.

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The 8 Most Haunted Hotels in Savannah

Foley House Inn

Head down to one of Savannah’s most charming and haunted hotels, the Foley House Inn. What makes the Foley House Inn one of the most haunted hotels in Savannah? In 1987, a skeleton was found inside one of the hotel’s walls, and the stories of spooky spirits began.

The hotel was once a private home belonging to Owen and Honoria Foley, and rumour says Miss Foley had a relentless admirer, and she did not reciprocate his feelings. 

He kept trying to get her attention, and Miss Foley grew tired of his attempts to woo her over. So, to get rid of his advances, she called her carpenter friend, and they hid the body of her admirer within the inn’s walls.

If you take a ghost tour, all of the best ghost tours in Savannah, stop at the Foley House Inn to regale you with the spooky tales that happen at the inn.

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The Marshall House Hotel

Book a night at The Marshall House Hotel if you want to spend the night at a former hospital Union Troops used during the Civil War. So, what makes The Marshall House Hotel one of the most haunted hotels in Savannah? 

Guests often reported seeing the spirits of soldiers with missing limbs wandering around the hotel. Human remains were found under the floorboards during a renovation. This definitely helps solidify the ghost sightings. 

Former soldiers aren’t the only ghosts spotted at the haunted Savannah hotel. There are reports of children who passed from yellow fever, causing havoc in the hotel. Rumours of loud noises, bathroom faucets turning on and off and objects moving on their own are said to have occurred at The Marshall House Hotel.

Spend the day by taking one of the best Savannah Civil War Tours. Afterwards, spend the night and see if you capture the ghostly spirits that are said to haunt the hotel.

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The 17Hundred90 Inn is one of the most haunted hotels in Savannah. The hotel is home to one of the most active ghosts in the city. 

So, if you want to spend the night with a ghost, book 17Hundred90’s room 204. The room is home to the spirit known as Anna, who, in life, jumped out of the window, ending her life over a lost love. 

Guests have reported being nudged. They also feel like someone is lightly touching their face. Other people have noticed that their belongings moved from one side of the room to the other. Could it be someone who is cleaning their room? Or could it be the ghost of Anna?

The hotel is also home to other ghosts, including a young boy named Thaddeus. He is often spotted on the ground floor near the tavern. If you see a shiny penny lying on a table at the bar, chances are it was put there by the young spirit.

So, why not spend the night in room 204 and see if you feel the presence of Anna standing over your bed as you try to sleep?

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The Kehoe House Bed and Breakfast 

After going on one of the best cemetery tours in Savannah, head down to the incredibly haunted Kehoe House Bed and Breakfast for the night.

The Kehoe family built the Kehoe House, a stunning Queen Anne-style mansion, in 1892. Unfortunately, the Kehoe family suffered the loss of two of their children after the twins were playing in a chimney when a tragic accident occurred that resulted in their deaths.

The Kehoe House is one of Savannah’s most elegant bed and breakfasts and is a treat to spend the night. The hotel is thought to be haunted by the Kehoe twins. The twins are often heard running down the hotel’s hallways, making as much noise as possible.

They are said to spend a lot of time haunting rooms 201 and 203. Guests who have stayed in the rooms have seen the ghostly spirits of children standing over them before disappearing into thin air. The thought of that sends chills up my spine!

Other ghostly activities that happen at the Kehoe House include locked doors opening on their own. There are also creepy disembodied voices of children and weird lights appearing in the windows.

So, if you don’t mind the idea of ghostly children, then I highly recommend spending the night at the Kehoe House Bed and Breakfast. Let me know if you have any ghostly experiences, please!

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The Hamilton-Turner Inn

After a day filled with taking some of the best Savannah pub crawls, head down to the Hamilton-Turner Inn for a night of great sleep and possible ghost sightings.

The iconic hotel is located in the historic district and has loads of history tied to it. The Inn was once home to the Hamilton family, who also experienced paranormal activity when they lived there in 1873. 

The Hamilton family was rumoured to be haunted by children. However, there is little history on who these ghostly children were or where they came from. Guests started reporting paranormal activity once the house became a bed and breakfast.

Will you dare stay at one of Savannah’s most haunted hotels?

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Olde Harbour Inn

On your next trip, visit Hank the Ghost by spending the night at the haunted Olde Harbour Inn in Savannah. What is it like spending a night with Hank?

Well, the Old Harbour Inn guests have noticed the smell of cigar smoke wafting around the room. Other signs ghosts are near include items moving around your room or coins falling to the floor on their own.

So, book a room at one of the most haunted hotels in Savannah and enjoy meeting their resident ghost, Hank.

If you have any ghostly experiences, please let me know! I love hearing about ghost stories from people’s nights at haunted hotels.

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Eliza Thompson House

If you love staying at haunted hotels (if you are reading this, I am sure you do!), you must spend a night at the incredibly haunted Eliza Thompson House.

Some ghosts you will share your space include Confederate Soldiers and a young girl in a white dress that lingers in the hallways. 

While human ghosts are spooky and exciting for ghost lovers, the Eliza Thompson House also has the ghostly spirit of a cat often spotted wandering around the hotel.

Have you ever spent the night in a hotel that is home to a paranormal cat?

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East Bay Inn

Book a night at the East Bay Inn to spend the night with a man in a dark suit and a top hat.

The Savannah Hotel named the ghost named Charlie. He is dapper-looking and is spotted staring off into the distance before fading into nothing. He is the hotel’s only ghost.

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