11 Galveston Ghost Tours That Will Chill You to the Bone

Galveston Ghost Tours takes you to the most haunted historical sites around Galveston, Texas. The city is among one of the most haunted cities in the United States. With many haunted sites around Galveston, taking a ghost tour is the best way to discover all of the lore and history surrounding these locations.

Whether you are up for a haunted walking tour, pub crawl, taking a haunted ghost bus or walking around haunted cemeteries with zombies. Galveston Ghost Tours has it all. The best haunted tours in Galveston are listed below. You will find the best ghost tour that suits your paranormal interests.

Be sure to scroll to the bottom of this post to spend the night at the haunted Hotel Galvez in Galveston!

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The 11 Best Galveston Ghost Tours (& 1 Haunted Hotel!)

Galveston’s Haunted Cemetery Tour

Spend the evening cloaked in darkness as you venture through the most haunted cemetery in Galveston. Join Ghost City Tours on one of the best ghost tours in Galveston – the Galveston Haunted Cemetery Walking Tour.

Visitors to the haunted cemeteries have spotted shadow people, orbs and heard the disembodied voices of those who wander through the cemetery for eternity.

The Tour is incredibly spooky and filled with tons of history about the yellow fever plague, the Great Storm, and all the paranormal stories around Galveston. This tour is a must for history lovers as the tour guides will share the stories of Galveston’s most infamous residents buried within the cemetery walls.

The Haunted Cemetery Tour takes you through The Broadway Cemetery, Trinity Episcopal Cemetery, Old City Cemetery, Evergreen Cemetery and The Yellow Fever Yard.

Book here: Galveston: Haunted Cemetery Walking Tour

Historic Galveston Ghost Tour

Explore Galveston’s dark past with the Historic Galveston Ghost Tour. The tour takes you passed some of the most beautiful and historic mansions, including the 1859 Ashton Villa. The haunted mansion is home to a spirit named Betty Brown, who loves to scare people as they wander around the villa.

Other stops include a stop at the Sealy Mansion, where the ghosts of children are spotted opening and closing doors in the attic. You will hear the stories outside of the mansion, but be sure to visit it when it is open to see if you can connect with the spirits!

This walking ghost tour is filled with dark history and paranormal stories. The guides are entertaining, engaging, great storytellers and know their Galveston history!

While this is a smaller tour, I recommend getting up close to the guides as it can get a bit loud on the streets, so it can be hard to hear the stories if you are standing too far back.

Book here: Historic Galveston Ghost Tour

Al’s Authentic Paranormal Excursion Tour

If you’re looking for an incredibly spooky walking tour in Galveston, look no further than Al’s Authentic Paranormal Excursion Tour. This tour is perfect for people who prefer small groups, as Al takes no more than 12 people per tour. You will visit Galveston’s most haunted locations, including mansions and abandoned houses in Old Galveston.

Tour Guide Al is incredibly knowledgeable and passionate about the paranormal history that lines Galveston’s streets. This ghost tour has the perfect union between dark history and ghost stories, making it enjoyable for everyone.

Al is an authentic ghost hunter. He focuses his energy on positive ghostly experiences, but the tour is still terrifying. No negative energy here! You will see several pictures he has taken of ghosts at the most haunted places in Galveston.

Book here: Al’s Authentic Paranormal Excursion Tour

Galveston: Shadows of Revelry Adults Only Walking Tour

One of the best Galveston ghost tours goes to the Shadows of Revelry Adults Only Walking Tour. The tour takes you to the most haunted spots in Galveston, filling you up with macabre stories that you won’t be able to forget.

The Shadows of Revelry tour isn’t your average ghost tour. Instead, this one talks about the seedier side of Galveston’s past. The tour walks past Moody Mansion and the 1892 Bishop’s Palace, where you will hear all about the brothels, pirates and outlaws that once walked among Galveston.

The tour guides are knowledgeable and entertaining. They know their history! Be sure to bring your camera just in case you spot any ghosts along the way.

Book here: Shadows of Revelry Adults Only Walking Tour

Segway Galveston Haunted Legends: Ghost Tour

What is better than a Segway tour? A spooky Segway ghost tour! Segway Galveston Haunted Legends Ghost Tour takes you to haunted houses and spooky cemeteries while teaching you about the eerie history of Galveston.

 If you have never been on a Segway tour before and are a bit nervous about trying, do not worry; they will teach you how to ride before the tour begins. This is a unique thing to do in Galveston, and I highly recommend it if you want to take a new spin on a ghost tour.

Book here: Segway Galveston Haunted Legends: Ghost Tour

Galveston Haunted Pub Crawl Walking Tour

If you love pub crawls and ghost stories, you might as well combine them with the Galveston Haunted Pub Crawl Walking Tour.

The tour takes you to Galveston’s most haunted pubs and restaurants, including the Shark Shack Beach Bar & Grill, the Drunken Monkeyz and the Stuttgarden Tavern.

You will hear the haunted stories of nearby locations, like the history of Hendley Row and the haunted Mayfield Manor.

The tour guides are excellent, and you will feel like the best of friends by the time the tour is over. Alcoholic beverages are not included in the tour price, so bring your wallet!

I mean, chances are you will see spirits more when you consume more spirits, right?

Book here: Galveston Haunted Pub Crawl Walking Tour

The Ghosts of Galveston Guided Walking Tour

If you are looking for a small group, family-friendly ghost tour, the Ghosts of Galveston Guided Walking Tour is the best ghost tour in Galveston.

The tour visits the Strand, where you will hear about the ghosts that still haunt the area. Then travel to St Mary’s Cathedral Basilica, where you will learn about the dark history of the yellow fever that hit Galveston.

The tour is spooky, but none of the stories are too extreme, making it the perfect ghost tour in Galveston for families and people with younger kids. Abby the tour guide, was who I took the tour with, and she was incredible. She was engaging, funny and really knew her history.

Book here: The Ghosts of Galveston Guided Walking Tour

Walk with the Dead: Galveston Old City Cemetery Tour

Spend the evening touring the Galveston Old City Cemetery with Walk with the Dead. The cemetery is said to be one of the most haunted places in Galveston. If you are interested in touring old cemeteries, the Walk with the Dead Galveston Old City Cemetery Tour is the best cemetery tour in Galveston. I highly recommend it!

The tour will take you through the over 200-year-old cemetery, where you will hear the most terrifying stories about the supernatural activity that occurs around the gravestones. Who wouldn’t want to wander a cemetery following the “Lady in Black” who will terrify you with her ghostly tales?

Book here: Walk with the Dead: Galveston Old City Cemetery Tour

Storm on the Strand Ghost Tour in Galveston

Wandering around Galveston’s historic Strand, listening to spooky stories from Galveston’s dark past on the Storm on the Strand Ghost Tour.

The tour is hands down one of the best ghost tours in Galveston as it heads to spooky locations like the Tremont House, the Grand 1894 Opera House and the Galveston Railroad Museum.

Who knows? Perhaps you will spot one of the spirits of the many soldiers who wander around Galveston from the afterlife.

Book here: Storm on the Strand Ghost Tour in Galveston

Zombie-Guided Cemetery Tour in Galveston

Spend the night with a zombie in Galveston’s historic cemeteries. The Zombie-Guided Cemetery Tour in Galveston.

The tour stops at the Trinity Episcopal Cemetery, Broadway Cemetery, and the Old City Cemetery. You will hear the spooky tales about a Mardi Gras Queen and the sunken graves of people who passed from yellow fever that ran through the city.

The zombie tour guides are hilarious, and honestly, it made me laugh watching them tell me the dark history stories of Galveston in their special fx makeup.

Book here: Zombie-Guided Cemetery Tour in Galveston

Spooky Strand Ghost Tour

Historic Galveston Ghost Tours has done it again with their Spooky Strand Ghost Tour. The tour shows the weird side of the paranormal activity around Galveston.

The tour is super immersive, and the guides will tell you all about the dark history of The Stand as you walk near places like the Railroad Museum and the Tremont House.

If you love humour and horror, you will love the guides of the Spooky Strand Tour. They are knowledgeable and will keep you laughing between the haunted and spooky tales. Also, the tour guides are dressed up as pirates (or maybe they are real pirates?), which makes the tour fun.

Book here: Spooky Strand Ghost Tour

Spend the night at the Haunted Hotel Galvez

Why not round out your night of Galveston Ghost Tours by spending the night in the haunted Hotel Galvez? The hotel has a few ghosts that linger around the halls of Hotel Galvez, including The Love Lorn Lady.

Guests in Room 501 can feel her presence through cold spots and flickering lights. Other ghosts include a Nun and the spirits of ghost children – which are always the spookiest ghosts! So if you want to spend the night with ghosts, book Room 501! That is the room with all of the paranormal action.

You can also book a Hotel Galvez ghost tour on their website. It is a self-guided audio tour full of information, and it is totally free! Again, book the tour on their website

Book with Booking.com: Hotel Galvez

Book with TripAdvisor: Hotel Galvez

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