How to Find a Flat in Glasgow

Have you recently moved to Glasgow and are still trying to find a flat? Glasgow is a fantastic place to live, and the fact that it can be pretty challenging to find a flat to rent proves that. Worry not, though. I will help you find the best ways to find a flat in Glasgow, Scotland.

There are many different factors to consider when finding a flat in Glasgow. First, you will want to find the best areas to live in Glasgow and find the best affordable places to live in Glasgow.

There are loads of choices when finding a place to live in Glasgow, from short-term rentals to a flatshare for young professionals or student accommodation.

If you’re researching where to live in Glasgow and how to find a flat in Glasgow, follow my advice below to make finding the best places to live in Glasgow easy and stress-free!

There is a multitude of reasons to move to Glasgow, and once you find the perfect flat and get settled in, you will love living in one of the best cities to live in Scotland.

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How to Find a Flat in Glasgow

High view of buildings in Glasgow. How to find a flat in Glasgow.

Finding a Flat in Glasgow

Glasgow is a bustling city, and it can be daunting trying to find a flat. With thousands of students moving to the city every year, flats and houses are hard to come by.

Plus, it can be hard to book a flat viewing as places go insanely fast. So it can be easy to become disappointed when searching for a flat in Glasgow, but you will find a home!

Here are a few options to look at when searching for a place to live in Glasgow.

If you’re moving to Glasgow for the first time, I recommend starting with shared accommodation. Renting with others helps reduce your living costs and may be easier to find than a single flat.

There are loads of flat shares around the city, so it should be fairly easy to find a decent place to live if you don’t mind sharing your space.

If you would rather not live with strangers, I recommend renting your own private flat or renting with friends. If you want to go this route, I recommend contacting a private landlord than a letting agent. Finding a flat with one person (a private landlord) rather than a company will be easier and quicker.

With so much competition, it can be difficult to find a place to live in Glasgow, especially when the University students start rolling in.

So, whether you are a student or a professional looking at moving to Glasgow, I recommend looking for a place as soon as possible to beat the rush of people moving to the city.

Don’t be discouraged if you don’t find your perfect place immediately. For example, I jumped between different accommodations in Glasgow and found the perfect flat.

Letting Agencies

There are a lot of Letting Agencies in Glasgow that will help you find a flat in the part of Glasgow you want to live in the most.

Be prepared to give them areas of the city you’d like to live in, amenities you are interested in, and your budget, and they will work with you to find the most suitable flat for you.

I recommend visiting a few letting agencies in the area you would like to live. They may have flats that are freshly on the market, not yet advertised, or will think of you when they find the perfect flat.

It’s great to make friends with the local letting agents to get ahead of everyone else when looking for the ideal flat in Glasgow.

It is the law in Scotland that letting agents must be registered. Make sure your letting agent is registered by visiting the Letting Agent Register.

They are also required to comply with the Letting Agent Code of Practice, so double-check everything is properly registered before renting a flat or house in Glasgow.

Renting with Private Landlords

Renting from a private landlord is easier for people new to Glasgow than using a letting agency. Generally, you will only be dealing with one person who owns and cares for the flat you are looking to rent.

All landlords in Glasgow must have a registration number to rent a flat. Check out this website to ensure your landlord is legally renting the flat before signing any contracts.

Also, you will be required to sign a contract and discuss tenancy agreements with a private landlord. Only rent from them if they get you to sign a contract!

Find a flat in Glasgow by Foot

If you walk through neighbourhoods around Glasgow, you’ll notice “To Let” signs over different buildings. If you see a place in an area in which you want to live, call the number and set up a time to view the flat!

Alternatively, as mentioned above, walk into a letting agency in the neighbourhood you want to live, and they can help you find a flat that meets your budget.

If you want to know which rules landlords are required to follow in Scotland, read about it here.

Viewing the Flat and Signing a Contract

When you are planning on renting a room, flat, or house in Glasgow, set up a viewing with the landlord, letting agent or your future flatmates.

During the viewing, it’s important you find out how long the lease is, how much the security deposit is and if the utilities and council tax are included in the rent.

If the utilities aren’t included, get an estimate on how much extra you can expect to pay for them each month.

Make sure the flat or house is as listed in the ad. Check the bedrooms, communal rooms, bathrooms and kitchen. Check the locks on the front and back doors, ensure the appliances work, and open all windows to ensure they open.

In one flat I lived in, my bedroom window wouldn’t open and they never properly fixed it. I didn’t check before moving in, which was a huge inconvenience (although it kept the spiders out!)

Once you’ve decided to rent somewhere, make sure the contract you sign has all the agreements, even if renting an individual room in a flat. This contract will protect you and the landlord if any issues arise.

I also recommend taking photos of everything before you move in. So, if there are any problems when you move out, you can use the photos as proof that any damage was there before your rental.

Never sign a contract or pay for a flat without viewing it first. Scammers often try to get you to pay for a flat that doesn’t exist.

As competition for a flat in Glasgow can be brutal, I recommend bringing enough cash with you at the viewing so you can pay the deposit immediately if you love the place.

Should Your Rent a Furnished or an Unfurnished Flat in Glasgow?

Most of the flats you’ll be looking for will be fully furnished. This includes beds, wardrobes, living room furniture, vacuums and dishes.

You will need to provide your own sheets and linens, though. A fully furnished flat is perfect for foreigners living in Glasgow on a temporary visa, people who don’t want to purchase loads of furniture or university students.

You may see partially furnished places, which might be very appealing because of their lower price tags. However, you may spend more money to purchase things for your flat that will be missing. 

I only recommend renting an unfurnished flat in Glasgow if you’re planning on moving to the city permanently. You don’t want to make large purchases only to sell them a few years later.

Kelvingrove Museum in Glasgow at night

The Best Websites to Help You Find a Flat to Rent in Glasgow

There are many websites that can help you find a room or a flat to rent in Glasgow. When looking at the rental price, note that some flats are marked with a monthly rental price (PCM – per calendar month) and others with a weekly rental price (per week/PW).

Some flats are advertised with the per-week rate to catch your attention and get you to click on their listing so remember to multiply the weekly price by 4 to find the actual monthly rental costs.

Depending on if you’re renting a room or a flat, there may be additional costs which I’ll cover later on in this post.


Gumtree is the easiest and fastest way to find a room to rent in Glasgow. It’s used mainly by private landlords and people looking for a room to rent in a shared flat with professionals or students.

Just be aware it is also rife with scammers, so remember, if it sounds too good to be true, it is! Never send anyone money until you view the room you are looking to rent.


Roomgo is for people looking to find flats or flatmates to share a place with. You can also post about yourself, so others looking for flatmates can contact you.


Spareroom is similar to Gumtree. However, it charges you a fee to sign up. You can use the site to find rooms, flat shares and flatmates in Glasgow. You’ll find less competition here than on Gumtree, as it’s a paid service.


Openrent offers tons of properties to rent through a variety of letting agencies and private landlords. So it will be easy to find a flat in the area of Glasgow that you prefer.  

Let it Glasgow, Shanta Residential and Rightmove

On these sites, you’ll find entire flats and houses up for rent from letting agents. Sites like RightmoveLet it Glasgow and Shanta Residential provide you with everything you need to go through a professional agent and find the best places to live in Glasgow.


Several different Facebook groups offer room rentals, flat shares and houses to rent in Glasgow. Similar to Gumtree, a lot of scammers love listing flats for rent on Facebook, so be wary of offers that seem suspicious.

Glasgow Flats and Houses for Sale Or Rent

Glasgow Housing, Room & Flat Share

Glasgow Property – buying, selling and renting

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Types of Flats, Houses & Rooms to Rent in Glasgow


When you first move to Glasgow, I highly recommend a flatshare. It’s much easier to move into a place where you don’t need to set up the monthly utilities and council tax, and more than likely, it will be easier to find shared accommodation over your own flat.

Many flat shares have a monthly rate that includes all extra costs, making budgeting much easier. There will be no hidden fees, and you will know how much you need to put away each month for rent.

Not all flat shares are like this, though – you may need to pay a portion of the utilities each month, depending on the rules of your flat.

Private Landlord Picks your Flat Mates

Some landlords choose to rent out single rooms in an entire flat. This means you will live with strangers and share the communal areas. So, each room will be rented via the rental agency or private landlord.

There are pros and cons to this type of rental situation. You won’t know who you will be living with; they may be messy, noisy or disrespectful. You can take this up with your landlord, but it’s a hassle. Who wants to deal with that?

However, one good thing is you’re only responsible for paying your rent to the landlord. So you don’t have to worry about covering the rent if one of your roommates leaves you high and dry if you rent the entire place with a bunch of people.

Also, your flatmates could be great people, and you may end up with new friends!

Picking & Interviewing Flat Mates

Alternatively, when looking for a flat or room share, you can meet up and interview potential flatmates and see if you like them before moving in.

It can be an intimidating experience. But it is an excellent option for finding flatmates that will vibe with you as you find a flat in Glasgow.

Finding a Place with Friends

Another option when looking for a place to live is finding a flat with friends you’ve made while living in Glasgow. Of course, this still means you are sharing a flat, but at least it’s with friends and people you know!

The Best Places to live in Glasgow

You need to know a few things before looking for flats to rent in Glasgow. Are you searching for unfurnished or furnished flats to rent in Glasgow?

Or are you wanting to find the best places to live in Glasgow for young professionals? Where are the best areas to live in Glasgow for students? Or where can you find the best affordable places to live in Glasgow?

If you’re working or trying to find a job in a specific location in Glasgow, you’ll probably want to live close to work or school.

But regardless of where you choose to live, there are many things to do in Glasgow, and each area is full of great shops and parks, and you’ll have an amazing time exploring.

Something else worth considering before you choose where to live in Glasgow is public transport. Most areas in Glasgow are accessible by bus or via the Glasgow Subway.

Here is a list of some of the neighbourhoods in Glasgow, and see if it fits what you are looking for.

Are you moving to Scotland from the US, or do you want to know how Americans can move to Scotland? Check out the Ultimate Guide to Moving to Scotland from the US here.

Flats in Glasgow - Broomhill in West End - a large line of of flats with cars parked on the street

Neighbourhoods in Glasgow

West End

The West End is one of the most popular and desirable places to live in Glasgow. Some of the best places to live in Glasgow’s West End include Kelvingrove, Hillhead, Dowanhill, Broomhill and Hyndland.

If you are looking for one of the best affordable places to live in Glasgow’s West End, I recommend Anniesland.

All the neighbourhoods listed are trendy, popular and perfect for university students and professionals. The flats are located near parks, pubs, restaurants and many other amenities.


Glasgow’s Southside is another popular area with several sought-after neighbourhoods, including Shawlands, Battlefield, Govanhill and Cathcart.

The Southside has quirky cafes and great pubs and is one of the most beautiful places in Glasgow.

East End

The East End area of Glasgow is home to some of the most historic buildings in the city.

The neighbourhood of Dennistoun, in the East End, is perfect for people who love traditional pubs and coffee shops and is close to the Glasgow Necropolis).

Glasgow’s East End neighbourhoods are close to the city centre and are a great area to live if you do not have a vehicle in Glasgow.

City Centre

The City Centre is full of historic buildings, shops, and restaurants and is perfect for people who love the nightlife. It is an ideal area for professionals and students from the University of Strathclyde or Glasgow Caledonian Uni.


Summerston is a popular residential area located in Glasgow’s Northside. It is close to the train station so commuting around Glasgow is easy.

Neighbourhoods popular with University of Glasgow students include Hillhead, Maryhill, Kelvinbridge, Finnieston and Partick. These neighbourhoods are close to Kelvingrove Park and the very popular Byres Road.

If you are attending the University of Strathclyde or Glasgow Caledonian University, the best areas in Glasgow are located in the City Centre or North Glasgow.

Short Term Rentals (Before finding a flat in Glasgow)

If you are planning on moving to Glasgow, you will need to find a place to stay while you search for places to live in Glasgow. Luckily, there are plenty of short-term rentals to stay at while you search for a flat in Glasgow.


Glasgow has loads of fantastic hostels that are a perfect place to stay while you search for a flat in Glasgow.

Not only is staying at a hostel affordable, but it is also ideal for making friends that will more than likely explore Glasgow with you.

Plus, you may find someone else who has moved to Glasgow looking for a flatmate. So you could search for the perfect flat that suits both of you.

Another reason that staying at a hostel is a great idea is that many hostels offer free accommodation in exchange for working a few hours each day at the hostel.

It will help you save money as you search for places to live in Glasgow. Plus, it will help keep your expenses down as you search for a job in Scotland.

Book here: Hostels in Glasgow

Bed and Breakfast

Staying at a bed and breakfast is another option for a short-term rental while you’re looking for a flat to live in Glasgow.

Not only does it allow you to mingle with locals, owners at bed and breakfasts know the best parts of the city to live and visit.

Book here: Bed & Breakfasts in Glasgow


If you have money to spare, staying at a hotel is an excellent option as you search for a place to live in Glasgow.

Glasgow is a popular Scottish city with hotels throughout the city. You will be able to find a hotel in most of Glasgow’s trendy neighbourhoods or central locations where using transit to find a flat or go to flat viewings will be incredibly easy.

Book here: Hotels in Glasgow

Quirky cafe in Ashton Lane in Glasgow

Hidden Fees

When you’re thinking about renting a flat in Glasgow, be aware of hidden fees.

Some fees include council tax, which provides water and sewage fees. This fee is based on the property’s value in the city. Every person in Scotland must pay council tax. Be sure to add this fee to your monthly expenses when choosing a flat.

If you’re living in a shared house, the council tax bill should be divided between you and your flatmates. If you live alone, you can take advantage of a discounted rate. However, you might still end up paying more than if you lived with others.

Another hidden fee you’ll need to pay is TV tax. If you have a TV in your flat, you must pay a monthly fee. This fee is so that the BBC can be free of adverts. You can avoid paying for it if you do not have a TV.


Scammers tend to post listings for flats and rooms on Gumtree and Facebook. Does the listing seem too good to be true? It is. If anything seems suspicious, just run away.

If they want to exchange money before the meeting or to secure a flat. Or for the deposit, or anything similar, do not send them money.

To avoid scams, make an appointment and visit the flat for a viewing before agreeing to anything.

Look up the landlord registration number and letting agency number before signing or paying for anything.

Should You Offer More Money for a Flat in Glasgow?

With flats being so tricky to find, many people are offering more money to secure a place. Please, I beg of you, do not do this.

This is more common in London, and I have heard people in Glasgow starting to do the same. This is a terrible idea, and I don’t want it to become routine in Glasgow.

Ultimately, you may get a place, making it harder for everyone else. Plus, it will drive up the prices in the future.

So it will cause more problems, and it is not something that should become a common practice. The listed price should be what you pay.

More Information about Moving to Scotland

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