Glasgow Hydro is one of the reasons to move to Glasgow Scotland

16 Reasons You Should Move to Glasgow Scotland

If you are thinking about moving to Scotland and can’t decide where you want to live, here are 16 reasons you should move to Glasgow.

Glasgow Hydro is one of the reasons to move to Glasgow Scotland

16 Reasons You Should Move to Glasgow

Friendly People – People Make Glasgow

One of Glasgow’s slogans is “People Make Glasgow,” and it is completely correct. People are friendly all over Scotland, but there is something special about people in Glasgow.

If you are at the pub or watching a football game or need help to find a place in the city – you will have an easy time finding a person willing to help in Glasgow.

It is super easy to make new friends in Scotland, and Glaswegians make it much easier.

Glasgow is Less Touristy

As much as I love a touristy attraction and destination, sometimes it can be difficult pushing your way through the constant crowds when you are trying to live your regular day to day life.

One of the biggest complaints my coworkers and friends who lived in Edinburgh had was dealing with the excess of people who came to the city each year for the Festival Fringe.

Glasgow is still a popular and wonderful city for tourists, but life will be less interrupted by the chaos of people visiting bigger cities in Scotland.

Glasgow is the Place for Live Music

One of the best things about living in Glasgow is the live music. So many amazing bands play in Glasgow.

It’s not only live bands either – my favourite American comedians, the Impractical Jokers, played a show at the SSE Hydro. Other fantastic venues are the O2 Academy, the Classic Grand, the Garage and the Cathouse Rock Club.

I’ve spent so many nights seeing some of my favourite bands in Glasgow. No matter what style of music you are into – Glasgow has live music shows for everyone.

Glasgow has an Amazing Nightlife

One thing that Glasgow is known for is how incredible the nightlife is. The Scottish city is full of so many clubs, pubs and live music venues that will make every night a good night.

One of my favourite pubs is Super Bario, which is a pub that features tons of retro arcade games that you can play. Another fantastic alternative and underground bar are The Flying Duck, where you can play board games while feasting on vegan food.

If you are looking for more of a traditional Scottish pub, you should check out The Horseshoe Bar, Sloans, The Pot Still or The Ben Nevis Bar.

Do you have a favourite Glasgow night spot that you want to recommend? Let me know in the comments below!

Glasgow has a Lower Cost of Living

Glasgow is a big city that won’t cost you a ton of money to live in. Housing costs are significantly cheaper than Scotland’s capital city, Edinburgh.

There are some areas of town, like Glasgow’s West End, that are a bit pricier. Overall you will be spending a lot less living in Glasgow.

Just remember that, similar to finding a flat in Edinburgh, you need to be aware of the council tax costs before committing to a place to live.

Glasgow has a Spectacular Art and Culture Scene

One of the best things about living in Scotland is the art, culture and museums. Glasgow is no stranger to magnificent art. You have to visit the Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum, the Glasgow Necropolis and walk along the Glasgow City Centre Mural Trail.

Black Lives Matter in Glasgow

After the Black Lives protests that sparked a major change worldwide in 2020, Glasgow was one of the first Scottish cities to step up and admit the history of slavery existed in Scotland.

To learn more about the history of slavery in Scotland, you can visit the Legacies of Slavery in Glasgow Museums and Collections to learn more. It is also important to know that some people in Glasgow are working on establishing a new place called the Museum of Black Heritage.

There are also tons of Black Owned Businesses in Glasgow that you can support, such as Bantaba Afro Caribbean Restaurant or Akara Bakery. Do you have a favourite business I haven’t mentioned? Let me know in the comments below!

Glasgow is for Shopping

Glasgow is the best place to go shopping. There are so many great shops and stores where you can find nearly anything you are looking for.

The Buchanan Galleries is my personal favourite place to shop with high street shops, vintage clothing stores to eclectic shops that will help you find the coolest gifts.

Building in Glasgow with large sign that says People Make Glasgow

Glasgow is a Great City for Foreign Workers

Glasgow is a city full of opportunities. The city has so many jobs in different industries like finance, engineers, the oil and gas industry, and so much more.

If you need help finding a job in Scotland, be sure to check out my post about jobs in Scotland for foreigners.

Glasgow has Great Universities

If you wonder whether you want to spend your time studying abroad in Edinburgh or heading to Glasgow; you should be aware of Glasgow’s outstanding universities.

The big ringers are the University of Glasgow and the University of Strathclyde. But there are amazing specialty schools like the Glasgow School of Art and Glasgow Caledonian University.

The University of Glasgow is one of the best universities in Scotland and the world.

Glasgow has Stunning Green Spaces

One of the best reasons to move to Glasgow is to enjoy the green spaces. From the ever-popular and beautiful Kelvingrove Park to the Glasgow Botanic Gardens. To walking around the greenery that lingers between the Glasgow Necropolis‘ tombstones – nature shines through in Glasgow.

It is Easy to Get Around Glasgow

Not only is Glasgow a walkable city, but it also has an excellent public transport system. You can easily get around the city by bus, train or subway.

Glasgow also has Nextbike, which has 700 bikes for hire all over the city! You can ride them around the city or out in one of the many green spaces around Glasgow.

Glasgow is a Foodie’s Paradise

Glasgow has some of the coolest restaurants and cafes. You will never get tired of your food options in Glasgow.

You can hop around the city and try incredible food in tea houses like the Willow Tea Room. Or you can have some of the best Scottish breakfast at Cafe Gandolfi.

I do want you to try a deep-fried pizza supper while you are in Glasgow. They batter it and then deep fry it, and it’s deliciously insane. It’s harder to find battered deep-fried pizza supper in other parts of Scotland.

Easy Access to the Scottish Highlands and West Coast

One of the best things about living in Glasgow is how easy it is to visit other parts of Scotland. The city has a direct route up to the Scottish Highlands like Lochness, Glencoe and the Isle of Skye.

Glasgow is close to the gorgeous west coast – it is a stone’s throw to places like Oban and the Isle of Mull.

If you don’t have access to a car, Glasgow has a car club where you can rent a car any time for however long you need it – even if it is just for an hour.

Get out of Glasgow Easily!

Glasgow Airport is more accessible to fly into than Edinburgh airport. So many more international flights come through Glasgow than anywhere else in Scotland. I always fly in and out of Glasgow, no matter where I am headed.

If you are looking for the best travel hub within Scotland – Glasgow is your place to be.

The Pros and Cons of Living in Glasgow

Alright, although this is a post about why you should move to Glasgow, I still want to inform you of the pros and cons of living in Glasgow – which means I will give you one con. Glasgow is the land of rain. It is often gray, cold and super rainy, but the pros definitely outweigh the cons!

If you still aren’t sure if you want to move to Glasgow, why not see why you should move to Edinburgh or the Pros and Cons of Living in Scotland to help you choose.

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