The 7 Best Pub Crawls in Edinburgh (& Alcohol Based Tours)

Edinburgh is home to some of the best pubs in Scotland. So many pubs are filled with history with ties to famous authors while others are buried deep below the city’s streets – there are so many pubs to explore.

Whether you are looking at taking one of the best pub crawls in Edinburgh or exploring the history of beer or gin through tastes and storytelling – there is a tour for everyone! 

Check out the best pub crawls in Edinburgh and meet some friends while drinking tasty drinks all night!

The Beehive Inn in Edinburgh - Take one of the best pub crawls in Edinburgh!

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The 7 Best Pub Crawls in Edinburgh (Plus Beer & Gin Tasting Tours!)

Edinburgh Literary Pub Tour

One of the best pub crawls in Edinburgh is the Edinburgh Literary Pub Tour. Edinburgh is home to some of the most famous authors in the world. Discover the wynds, courtyards and pubs that helped influence some of Scotland’s most incredible literature.

You will be led by two professional actors playing characters named Clart and McBrain as they take you on a journey through Edinburgh’s Old and New Town. The stories will have you in tears as the guides take you through Edinburgh’s literary history at some of Edinburgh’s best pubs.

You will hear about the fantastic stories written over hundreds of years. Through their incredible storytelling, You will witness the guides bring authors such as Sir Walter Scott, Robbie Burns and Robert Louis Stevenson back to life.

The tour starts at the Beehive Inn, followed by a trip to the Jolly Judge and ends in Edinburgh’s Milnes Bar. You will enjoy energetic stories filled with poetry and Edinburgh’s history alongside several other literary lovers.  

This tour is perfect for people who love Scottish literature. Poetry and drinking? Yes, please!

The tour group can get quite large as this is one of the best pub crawls in Edinburgh – so prepare yourself! If you prefer a smaller tour group, I recommend checking out one of the other pub crawls.

Book here: Edinburgh Literary Pub Tour

Edinburgh Pub & History Tour

Drink beer while learning about the history of Edinburgh by taking the Edinburgh Pub & History Tour.

This tour takes you to three of Edinburgh’s best pubs, bottle shops and breweries in the historic Old Town. You will see some of Edinburgh’s historic breweries visiting the Charmed Circle.

If you are looking for a small group pub crawl in Edinburgh, this tour is for you. The tour groups are generally 15 people or less, which is perfect for people who prefer a more intimate pub crawl.

You will taste between 6 to 8 Scottish beers to discover your favourite beer flavours. And you will leave the tour feeling like a Scottish beer connoisseur. 

The price includes all the beer you can taste, but they are tasters rather than full pints. It is perfect for people interested in exploring new flavours of beer that you may have never tried before.

If you love Scottish history and want to try Scottish beer, you should take the Edinburgh Pub & History Tour. Not only will you get to drink some tasty craft beer, but you will also learn how Scotland became the largest bottled beer exporter in the world.

Book here: Edinburgh Pub & History Tour

Edinburgh Pub Crawl

If you want a lively and party-like pub crawl in Edinburgh, take the Edinburgh Pub Crawl. This tour visits 7 of Edinburgh’s most famous pubs, where you will meet new people and drink six delicious shots chosen for you by your tour guide.

What makes this one of the best pub crawls in Edinburgh? You can skip all cover charges and enter the pub with your tour group.

Just note that to get the free shot, you must purchase your own drink at each pub first. These drinks are not included in the price, so be sure to bring enough cash.

On this tour, you will get to meet incredible people, so it is perfect for solo travellers or people who want to meet new friends. You will experience Edinburgh’s nightlife, where you can play drinking games and try each pub’s best tasting shots.

I recommend the Edinburgh Pub Crawl if you want a large-scale fun pub crawl in Edinburgh.

Book here: Edinburgh Pub Crawl

Edinburgh: Pub Crawl with Free Shots & Discounts

Do you want to have the best night out in Edinburgh? Do you want to make new friends while enjoying Edinburgh’s lively night scene? 

Spend a few hours getting into the best bars and clubs in Edinburgh’s Old Town by taking the Edinburgh: Pub Crawl with Free Shots!

That’s right! On this pub crawl in Edinburgh, you will not only get to skip the line and get the VIP treatments at each pub you visit, but you will get six free shots and discounts on any other drinks you want to purchase.

Enjoy Edinburgh’s live music venues, underground clubs, cocktail bars and traditional pubs on this incredible pub crawl in Edinburgh.

Book here: Edinburgh: Pub Crawl with Free Shots & Discounts

​​Beer Tasting Session @ The Lost Close

Have you ever wanted to drink beer deep beneath Edinburgh’s streets in a historic one-of-a-kind close? Join the Beer Tasting Session at The Lost Close for this unique beer-tasting tour.

You will get to sample up to 7 different Scottish beers and learn the differences between the brewing styles of each drink you try.

The close is small and only holds a handful of people, so you get to become well acquainted with the other people on the tour. It makes the tour intimate, and you might make good friends along the way.

The tour is incredibly unique and exciting. I have only been on this tour once, but my guide was Sara, who was terrific. She was a fantastic tasting guide; her knowledge and passion made the tour a fun experience.

Book here: Beer Tasting Session @ The Lost Close

Evolution of Gin and Underground Gin Tasting in Edinburgh

Do you want to explore the evolution of Gin in Edinburgh? While this isn’t a pub crawl in Edinburgh, it is a unique experience where you get to sample four different gins.

The Evolution of Gin and Underground Gin Tasting tour occurs in the underground close known as The Lost Close, recently uncovered beneath Edinburgh’s cobbled streets. The close was buried beneath an old prison building and is honestly a really cool place to spend the evening sipping drinks.

As you taste different styles of gin, your tour guide will help you find the best mixers to add to each type of gin to really bring out flavours you will love.

Book here: Evolution of Gin and Underground Gin Tasting in Edinburgh

Take a Self-Guided Haunted Pub Crawl in Edinburgh

If you love pub crawls and are looking for spooky things to do in Edinburgh, I recommend taking a self-guided pub crawl through the haunted pubs in Edinburgh.

Loads of the pubs are located in and around the Grassmarket area and are full of dark history! The drinks are incredible, but learning the history of each pub is even better.

Visit my guide for the best haunted pubs in Edinburgh, learn the history and get your favourite drink and some delicious food at each pub!

Learn more here: A Self-Guided Haunted Pub Crawl in Edinburgh

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