The 6 Best Whisky Tours in Edinburgh

What is a visit to Edinburgh without a tour and a tasting of Scotland’s most iconic drink? Head on one of the best whisky tours in Edinburgh and see which aroma and flavour of Scotch whisky you love.

Whether you are looking for a tour with all the bells and whistles of a distillery tour, drinking underground in Edinburgh’s old town, or feeling like joining an old friend for a whisky tasting, there is a tour for everyone.

Discover which region of Scotland has the whisky that tastes best to you – and sample the rest!  

Have you ever noticed that whisky is spelled differently in Scotland? So, is it Whisky Tours in Edinburgh or Whiskey Tours in Edinburgh?

The spelling is entirely due to the region of the world the grain spirits are distilled in! So, in the United States, whiskey is spelled with an e, whereas in Scotland, it is spelled without an e. So, if you ever see “Scotch Whiskey,” you will know it’s not really from Scotland!

Scotch Whisky Bottles on display - some bottles are shaped like Scottish Bagpipers. One of the best whisky tours in Edinburgh.
The Scotch Whisky Experience

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The 6 Best Whisky Tours in Edinburgh

The Scotch Whisky Experience Guided Whisky Tour

The Scotch Whisky Experience is one of the best whisky tours in Edinburgh. The tour provides extensive information about whisky from all over Scotland. Several regions in Scotland produce whisky with various flavours and aromas. Each area is quite different, and on this tour, you get to smell them all and see which flavour you want to try.

What makes this one of the best whisky tours in Edinburgh? Two things, actually! First, you get to ride ‘inside” a whisky barrel (it’s like a ride that reminds me of the Magic School Bus or Willy Wonka). You learn how whisky is made as you ride around the building. 

What makes the Scotch Whisky Experience the best whisky tour in Edinburgh?

The second is that the Scotch Whisky Experience is home to the world’s largest whisky collection. The room it is kept in looks incredible and is something you may have never experienced before. 

Also, you get gifted a crystal whisky-tasting glass with a shot of whisky for you to take home. Well, drink the whisky on the tour and take the empty glass home.

The Scotch Whisky Experience is located at the top of Castlehill, right next to Edinburgh Castle, so it is easy to find.

If you take one whisky tour in Edinburgh, this is the one to take. It’s unique and fun, and I had a blast on every tour I took. If you are new to whisky and want to learn more, this is the perfect whisky tour for people who have never tried whisky before. By the time the tour ends – you will be an expert.

A trip to the Scotch Whisky Experience was one of the best things to do in Edinburgh. I wrote about my experience and why you should also visit and take a tour!

Book here: The Scotch Whisky Experience Guided Whisky Tour – An Introduction to Whisky

Whisky and Folklore in Edinburgh

If you are a fan of folklore, I recommend taking the Whisky and Folklore in Edinburgh tour. It combines the two best things in Edinburgh – drinking and incredible storytelling! The tour heads to the bespoke whisky lounge, Hot Toddy, where you can sample four fantastic single-malt scotch whiskies.

You will get to taste whisky from four different regions in Scotland. Taste the difference between whisky from the Highlands compared to lowland whisky.

The venue’s atmosphere makes it feel like you’ve stepped back in time. You get the entire downstairs bar for your tour and drink incredible tasting whisky while listening to folklore – like they used to throughout Scottish history.

Book here: Whisky and Folklore in Edinburgh Including Four Single Malt Scotch Whiskies

Gin and Whisky Tour of Holyrood Distillery

Head down to the Holyrood Distillery for one of the best whiskey tours in Edinburgh. The Gin and Whisky Tour will take a guided tour through a gin distillery and whisky distillery with a tasting bar and shop where you can buy your favourite drink.

You will be joined by an experienced guide passionate about Scottish whisky and gin. The facility is only a few years old and is clean and stunning inside. As you tour the distillery, you will learn about their process for making gin and whisky. It’s an interactive experience; you get to try different samples of the spirits they produce right in the distillery!

Book here: Gin and Whisky Tour of Holyrood Distillery

90-minute Introduction to Whisky in the Old Town of Edinburgh

Do you want to drink some of Scotland’s best tasting whisky in Edinburgh? The 90-minute introduction to Whisky in the Old Town of Edinburgh is a great tour for people who want to learn about Scotland’s national drink.

What makes this one of the best whisky tours in Edinburgh? The venue is located underground in The Lost Close in Edinburgh’s Old Town. The space is newly uncovered and sits well below Edinburgh’s streets.

It’s a really unusual venue, and it feels really intimate (max eight guests!) and is the perfect place to take loads of incredible photos of you and your friends.

So, if you want an evening filled with drink and the history of Scottish Whisky in Edinburgh’s underground vaults, I recommend taking this tour.

Book here: 90-minute introduction to Whisky in the Old Town of Edinburgh

Whisky Tasting in a Traditional Edinburgh Bar

If you want to take a very small (or individual group) whisky tour in Edinburgh, check out the Whisky Tasting in a Traditional Edinburgh Bar. Each tour is personally tailored to you and your group, so every tour is different and perfect for what you want in a whisky tasting.

You will be joined by tour guide Neil at the Jolly Judge Bar, where you will talk all things whisky. A tour with Neil is like stepping out for drinks with a friend. You will get an introduction to single malt Scotch Whisky while tasting four different servings paired with confectionary so you can truly experience the flavour of each drink.

The tour is not like any of the other whisky tours in Edinburgh. Rather than a tour of a facility (which is amazing), this tour focuses on the history of whisky and tasting a different dram from all four regions. If you are looking for an intimate tour focusing on whisky tasting, this tour is for you.

Book here: Whisky Tasting in a Traditional Edinburgh Bar

Original Whisky Tasting Experience

Visit Edinburgh’s famous Waverly Bar to enjoy samples of Scottish whisky blends, including light, rough and malt whisky. The pub has a fantastic atmosphere that adds a delightful charm to the whisky drinking experience.

On the Original Whisky Tasting Experience, your tour guide will teach you everything you need to know about each whisky you get to try (which is four different flavours!)

This tour is conducted by the City of Edinburgh Tours, which has some of the best ghost tours in Edinburgh! So, check them out and have an evening of terror after your day of drinking whisky.

Book here: Original Whisky Tasting Experience

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